There is no shortcut for earnings. Majority of our youth go to these paths and realize that they have wasted their time in useless things. Today we hear about online earning using different mediums and some of those are real and authentic ways but majority of ways which are being introduced to a new guy are scams. Majority of our generation want shortcuts so that they can start making ton of dollars in few months. But in reality that is not possible. If we come to the real facts about online earnings then it needs a lot of hardwork, lot of learning, skills development and most importantly consistency. For example if you want to earn from YouTube you must learn how YouTube algorithms works. What is cpm rates for pakistan and how YouTube monetization works, you should also have knowledge about YouTube SEO and optimization of titles and descriptions so that your videos can appear in searches, last and most important thing is consistency of producing contents.Another way of online money making is freelancing which is one of the most authentic and growing field to make money. Freelancing is not an easy way to make earnings as people portray it. Success on freelancing is completely depend on How you polish your skills as per modern technology standards. Let us take example of websites designing. People think that they will start getting projects only learning things on YouTube or online platforms that is the biggest reason of failure on freelancing platforms. Before starting freelancing you must work on real projects. Learn the best rules for coding a website and make your own projects. Take PSDs and convert them to web templates using best coding practices. Take popular websites such as Microsoft, Airbnb and try to make clone of these websites using HTML + CSS. Now start bidding for projects when you think you are good to impress your clients by your work. I will guarantee you you will grow your work. Business doesn’t come without sacrifice of your days and nights in building and polishing skills. Same applies to all other niches like blogging, digital marketing, Amazon selling, graphic designing, bookkeeping, online accounting etc. Best of luck #motivation#business