In this post I have explained about PSD to website conversion using HTML , CSS and Bootstrap. The below video explains briefly for all the individuals who want to learn How to make responsive web designs from PSD and JPG designs. You can also learn how to write clean code for websites. PSD to HTML is a vast and in demand job in freelancing and majority of the companies hires web designers who can do PSD to responsive HTML. I have included the latest bootstrap (Bootstrap 5) in the project and font awesome library. For the styling I have used different properties of css3. After watching and practicing this you will be able to work on PSD to HTML projects. The video on this PSD to HTML is in Urdu/Hindi. Download the PSD file and practice The PSD to HTML on it: Link here CSS3 Flexbox Concepts Video

When it comes to freelancing jobs you can find that making responsive websites from PSD designs is one of the most popular and sorted skill. If you can do pixel perfect conversion of PSD or JPG file then it will be more beneficial in getting projects.

The first step in converting PSD designs into HTML is slicing the PSD file. You need to open the design in Adobe Photoshop and select the and click on the slice tool ( Shortcut key C ). After that you need to disable all text and the layers except images.

Make the project folder which contains the index file, css folder and img folder. In img folder you need to save all sliced images from PSD.

If you have any question regarding the video or any other topic in web development you can ask in the comment.

How to convert psd to html in photoshop

Photoshop is an amazing tool when it comes to make design structures of websites. These are called website mockups. When a designer creates a mockup design the web developer first open the PSD file in photoshop and slice the psd to convert into html. After the slicing of the PSD the developer uses html, css and bootstrap to convert that design into a responsive website.

PSD to HTML jobs On Fiverr

As you know fiverr is one of the largest freelancing platform and it offers the freelancers an easy way to manage and sell their services. Fiverr works on gigs mechanism. And if we check the services PSD to responsive html then fiverr gives you a lot of opportunities for this skill.

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